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3 disques achatés = 1 disque Biber, Rosenmüller, Froberger : Passion – Edition simple offert !


As is all too well known, music is, without doubt, a luxury art form for all the work, skills, investment it entails. A disc, in order to be meaningful, must be beautiful and as perfect as possible, and hence is by its very nature a luxury item.
This luxury, nevertheless, is relative, because what could be more apt than to offer a disc which is as beautiful to look at as it is to hear it, to listen to it as it is to read its interesting insert? Certainly, a disc is a much less expensive item–and is so much more original–than a bag or a scarf, and makes for endlessly large collections; one disc is not like any other, a disc niether replaces nor supplants another! I’m convinced there is still a place for conventional discs today. As an object conveying beauty, it’s fully accessible to those who can appreciate it.

But if music is at the centre, and is the focus of a very large portion of our efforts, the disc as an object only makes sense if it really goes hand in hand with the music in the same way that the work of a great bookbinder goes hand in hand with the presentation of an important text. So, therefore, we believe that it is the artists themselves who need to reinvest into the making of objects that are beautiful, interesting, enjoyable and fascinating perhaps, by partnering their talents with those of their designer friends, photographers, artists, writers. And so we can see the disc as a meeting place of many forms of art, which makes sense for an era when the interest in multicultural and multidisciplinary encounters–when they are fruitful–has been more than amply demonstrated.

This is why we have chosen to offer Hitasura recordings in three formats:

  • Standard Edition: A more simple, elegant version.
  • Deluxe Edition:  A luxury version, even more elegant, in a presentation box, as a limited edition.
  • Exclusive Edition: An exclusively limited edition of numbered and signed copies for the discerning discophile, distinguished by its wax sealed presentation. Due to the high cost of manufacture, these limited series will only be available through our website.